Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is sheer genius. Of course we’ve seen those fingerprint recognition locks on phones and on TV before but never has it ever been available to the members of the public. This Biolock Fingerprint Deadlock is a fingerprint recognition programme that allows you to lock your doors and secure your home at a swipe of your finger. It takes only one sec for the program to recognize your fingerprints before it locks and unlock. It can learn up to 50 fingerprints so this makes it office friendly as well. Of course, if by fluke your index finger got chopped off due to some freak accident, there is also a key for back up.

I think this feature is very helpful and it also gives a loophole to your unique security features. I guess, the key is better kept in the bank then. The exterior has an LED light, which is also another security feature because the burglars are going to think that you have an alarm installed. Sneaky :)

The price for a Biolock Fingerprint Deadlock is $229 and is available in satin or bronze finish.

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