Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fujitsu U8240 is coming to the US

Fujitsu U8240 is the company’s smallest tablet/UMPC with 1,024 x 600 5.6-inch display and weigh a mere 1.2 pounds. It’s got a flexible monitor that can do a 360 degrees as well. And now it is going to be available to the US thanks to Dynamism who will be importing it for the American consumers. It’s going to arrive in two versions; Window’s Vista and Window’s XP.

Price for each unit goes for $2,099.

Source:The Expedited Writer in Japanese Gadgets


Imagine listening to hours of your own music during your swim workout. Laps go faster and workouts are more pleasurable. The SwiMP3's innovative sound transfer technology offers exceptional underwater sound quality. The SwiMP3 player (pronounced "Swim-P-3") allows you to hear the same high quality music while you're in the water that you love to hear on dry land.

Waterproof music

Monday, May 28, 2007

Biomega PUMA Boston Bike

Park this hybrid BMX/City bike collaboration from Biomega & PUMA anywhere from Kings Cross to Harlem and it'll stay there - it's unstealable.

Yes, we said unstealable. Secure this baby and the tube-lock, which is integrated in the frame, renders the bike useless if it's tampered with. You see without it, the bike loses its structural strength and integrity and can't be ridden away. Designed in collaboration with PUMA and taking cues from both BMX and Downhill bikes — tubing, DH Handlebar, small wheels and disc-brakes — the Biomega PUMA Boston is a mix of rugged form and practical function. The shape, treadless tyres and saddle make this bike most suited to city use and the folding feature, which reduces the bike to 50% of its original size, means it's a breeze fitting the bike into tight spaces like the train, the boot of a car or as a space-saver in your apartment. The PUMA is not your average folding bike either — it's made for the quick and dirty fold, so no need to go back to Uni to get that engineering degree to make sure you can operate it. Available through the website for USD$1158

Source: Kevin Barry

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The TuneBuckle

The TuneBuckle protects your iPod nano by encasing it in a convenient and fashionable belt buckle made of aircraft quality aluminum. The buckle is machine crafted in the US and is beautifully finished. This cool design allows you to carry your ipod Nano and forward skip and rewind without having to take it out of the belt.

Source: Boys To Men Gifts

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Available from Avalung

This is a very un-seasonal product, but it's too cool (pun intended) to wait. In the event you get trapped in an avalanche, breathing and exhaling from this strap-on contraption helps avert creating a potentially-threatening air pocket of CO2. It pulls O2 from below chest level and dumps your exhales at waist level. The apparatus also comes integrated into a backpack. File under: tools you hope you never have to test.

Source: Cool Tools

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Daniel Moyer’s Scrap-Wood Skateboards

Past a certain age, skateboards become less and less commonplace, and are not usually found at furniture fairs. But Daniel Moyer’s, unique FunkinFunction skateboard is truly a board worth highlighting- for its green qualities, and for the daredevil/kid in you. Made from scrap trimmings from the fabrication of hardwood furniture at his studio, the FunkinFunction is a green alternative to the standard longboard skateboards and will be shown at this year’s BKLYN Designs.

Source: Inhabitat

Motorola Patents Solar Cell Underneath Phone LCD

Charging gadgets is not only an inconvenience, it’s a drain on our resources and environment. Various solar chargers have been around for a while now, but they’re either bulky and awkward or too expensive to be practical. Luckily, there may be an improved option for getting off the grid and into the sun in the near future - Motorola was just awarded a sweet patent for putting a solar-cell underneath an LCD on a mobile device, allowing it to show a display and recharge simultaneously.

Source: Trendhunter

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cedar Wood Laptop Briefcase

This beautiful wooden briefcase was designed by Japanese Designer Takumi Shimamura. It is a real work of art and will no doubt get a lot of compliments on the way to the office.

Seeking to develop applications for wood, industrial designer Takumi Shimamura delivers this unique briefcase made of ecological thinned Japanese cedar. Designed to accommodate laptops, the bag has sturdy canvas edges, a handle with leather covering, double zippers, and inner pockets.

Water repellent finish. Handmade by Japanese craftsmen. Clean with a damp cloth.

Due to the natural wood material, knots and different grains may appear and may vary from the photograph. Every one is unique.

Available from

This is sheer genius. Of course we’ve seen those fingerprint recognition locks on phones and on TV before but never has it ever been available to the members of the public. This Biolock Fingerprint Deadlock is a fingerprint recognition programme that allows you to lock your doors and secure your home at a swipe of your finger. It takes only one sec for the program to recognize your fingerprints before it locks and unlock. It can learn up to 50 fingerprints so this makes it office friendly as well. Of course, if by fluke your index finger got chopped off due to some freak accident, there is also a key for back up.

I think this feature is very helpful and it also gives a loophole to your unique security features. I guess, the key is better kept in the bank then. The exterior has an LED light, which is also another security feature because the burglars are going to think that you have an alarm installed. Sneaky :)

The price for a Biolock Fingerprint Deadlock is $229 and is available in satin or bronze finish.

The Wristwatch that is ALSO a Credit Card

A bank in Turkey has teamed up with MasterCard to produce a wristwatch that is incorporated with a credit card. All you need to do is tap your timepiece on the special sensor and you’ve paid your bills. Now, we have all heard of PayPass - it usually functions as a pass to pay for gas or small knick knacks in 7-elevens but this is a credit card. That means your buying power has just increase and depending on where you are, you might not even need to bring out cash.
You can swipe this watch for any purchases below 15 euros and you won’t need to sign or enter your pin. However, if you want to buy a Ferarri, you’ll going to have to sign. This watch is available at WristDreams