Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blue Print Watch

This cool blueprint watch by Constatin Boym would make a unique fashion statement and a unique gift for the architect, draftsman or math professor.

Source: Boys To Men Gifts


Contemporary Cufflinks by Konzuk


Source: KONZUK

Monday, October 29, 2007

Light-up Ice cubes

You don't even have to freeze Light-up Ice Lite Cubes for them to work! Just push a button to start them up and then place 'em anywhere you want to brighten or romanticize the festivities - the punch bowl or the pool, the bathtub or in a cocktail at your New Year's Eve party. Reusable non-toxic glow gel in the "lighted ice cubes" holds light for up to 12 hours.

This new Lite Cube design no longer needs to be banged on the side to turn them on and off. Now you just have to push a button on the bottom of the cube; Push once and they blink, again and they blink faster, three times for a steady glow, and a fourth push turns them off. Set of 4 Light-up Ice Lite Cubes includes one each of red, orange, yellow, and blue.


Source: after 5 catalog

Sunday, October 28, 2007

2000XR Motorboard

The lightest, most powerful Personal Transportation Device on the market just got a lot lighter, and whole lot more powerful!

The 2000XR uses a cutting-edge, nanotechnology battery from A123 Systems. This incredible battery is perfectly matched to our Motorboard, giving it amazing hill-climbing ability and range, while being 4 pounds lighter than the 2000X.

The 2000XR is a quantum leap in scooter design, technology, and performance, and promises to revolutionize urban travel.


Source:Roth Motors

Friday, October 26, 2007

Protective Disc Skins®

Protect your discs the easy way...with Protective Disc Skins® from d_skin®. They protect your DVD, data, video game and music discs from scratches even while they play. Here's how it works:

dskin protective disc skins cd dvd disk protectors Snap It On
Just snap a d_skin® onto your favorite discs and consider them protected.

dskin protective disc skins cd dvd disk protectors Leave It On
The beauty is, d_skin® stays on your discs even while they play. That's right - your discs are totally readable right through the Skin.

dskin protective disc skins cd dvd disk protectors Even While It Plays!TM
Once your discs are skinned, there's nothing to take off or put on when you're playing, storing or transporting. One d_skin® does it all.

$48.99 for 50 $90.99 for 100

Source: Demco

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hive - hand silkscreened bee necktie

NEW! Honey bees have arguably the most complex social behavior among all bees, and their hive is a symbol of industry and cooperation. Original illustration.


Source: Etsy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dinosaur Bone Dog Tag

From the Exotic Stone Collection, dog tag in sterling silver with polished, fossilized red dinosaur bone. Sterling silver logo and "925" inlay. Sterling silver box chain. Due to the unique nature of the exotic stones contained in this jewelry, the actual color and composition will vary.


Source: David Yurman

Stainless Steel Lounge Cigar Case

This stainless steel Lounge Cigar Case by Blomus would look good at home or in the office, study or rec room. Unlike regular ashtrays which are made for cigarettes, this one is specially designed for cigars and will support the whole length of the cigar and provide ample room for the ash.

The cigar lover will appreciate this gift as he enjoys his favorite cigar in his favorite chair.


Source: Boys To Men Gifts

Tie Pin Collar Bar

Our tie pin collar bar is the ultimate finishing touch in the refined gentlemen's wardrobe.Thin, discreet shape keeps tie and collar neatly in place.

Kilt pin closure.
Elegantly presented in our velvet-lined, logo-embossed box
2". Sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver. Made in Italy.


Source: Ralph Lauren

Antique Belt by Sugarcrane

Inspired by the decoration and intricate craftsmanship of Old World Italy, this antique-brass colored buckle is an homage to the great artisans, and created with the utmost attention to detail.

Made of brown Italian leather, this belt has a smooth, natural texture. The Sugarcrane logo is debossed at the end, and two snap buttons allow the buckle to be detached.


Source: Sugarcrane

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hand made Savile Row calf skin leather wallet. 8 pockets for credit cards or business cards and room for bills. Black on the outside with orange, yellow blue or pink leather inside. Made in London. By Richard James.



Arctic Net Cooler Scoop

The Arctic Net Cooler Scoop is like the super hero of parties, fighting frost bite inflicted by ice chests everywhere by doing the scooping for you. Another amputation narrowly avoided AND it has a bottle opener.

Source: after5catalog

Monday, October 15, 2007

EGO Notebook

Tulip Computer introduced it's limited edition notebook pc ‘ego’ during CeBIT 2007, which is made of special material that is used in fashion accessory. Its designer’s signature is printed on the space bar.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Rotolog




Source: Nixon Now

Friday, October 12, 2007

Diskette Notepad

Here's a durable notepad where you can jot down Red Hat package installation errors, or save the email from that cute, bespeckled CS major researching Ruby on Rails at the coffee house you frequent.

Source: Fractil Spin

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Digital Photo Frame

The picture frame alarm clock is the perfect addition to any home study or office. The alarm clock has a 1.5” CSTN display so you can view digital photos, display the time, date and temperature all at the same time. The unit itself is housed in a transparent case which will be ideal sat next to any Mac or PC.

Source: Red5

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vintage billiard ball bottle stopper

Buy your guy this cool vintage pool/billiard ball bottle stopper. Each one is handmade using vintage pool / billiard balls and high quality cork. These unique stoppers fit wine or liquor bottles and look great in the rec room, bar or den, and will sure to be a hit with your guy and his buddies. They also make a unique best man or groomsman gift.

Source: Boys To Men Gifts

Bluetooth Portable Handsfree – Iqua miniUFO

Iqua miniUFO is a portable, lightweight, mini-sized handsfree device with elegant design.

It provides a clean wireless audio connection with your Bluetooth mobile phone or PDA. With special concerns on driving safety and user convenience, the product is designed to be of easy to use with four simple operation buttons. With the mounting accessories included in the sales package, the product can be easily mounted on the sun visor or dash-board of your car. In addition, it is excellent for use as a table-top handsfree at home and in the office. It can also be used with a Bluetooth-enabled PC with suitable software to make voice calls over the Internet

Source: Iqua

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gold PlayStationPortable

Sony finally presents the all new 2007 PSP (PlayStationPortable) in Gold(only available in Japan). First, it is all about the high-quality TFT LCD that displays full color (16.77 million colors) on a 480 x 272 pixel high-resolution screen. Sony PSP features a compact size body, built-in stereo speakers, plus a battery pact together allow you to enjoy your game where ever, whenever.

Sony PSP also adopts an extreme small and high-capacity optical medium UMDâ„¢(Universal Media Disc), enabling game software, rich with full-motion video and other forms of digital entertainment content, to be stored. The newly developed UMD has a capacity up to 1.8GB of digital data with a broad range of digital entertainment content such as music video clips, movies and sports programs can be provided on UMD. Sony PSP features an ultra unique and stylish design.

Source: Audio Cubes

Zumreed Sfit Color Headphones

AudioCubes is proud to present Japan's design company Dreams' entire Zumreed headphone line. Introducing the Zumreed Color collection "Smart, Slim, Style" headphones in ultra stylish colors with mirror finish. Simple and convenient white headband with foldable mechanism. Listen boldly with these style defining Zumreed headphones only from AudioCubes.com.

Source: Audio Cubes

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Iamhuman Laptop Covers

iamhuman laptop covers bring human warmth and personality to your well loved electronics.

Source: Iamhuman

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hammaka Hanging Chair

In just ten minutes you’ll be able to experience the comfort of this chair—attaching it to your hitch is that easy. And while getting in and out is easy, once you’ve experienced the comfort, you won’t want to give it up! Select the hitch stand, then choose a solid color chair or one sporting your favorite college logo.

Source: Solutions

Music Player Cufflinks

Monday, October 1, 2007

Shocking Roulette Game

This Shocking Roulette game is a test of nerves. Players place a finger in one of the slots. The lights start running like a roulette wheel and tension builds as to where it will stop. To add to the suspense, electronic beeps accompany the flashing which gradually gets slower. Who will get the shock? Who will wimp out and pull out their finger at the last second The shock is small but strong enough to separate the men from the boys! It's guaranteed to add a spark to any party!

Source: Boys To Men Gifts