Monday, May 28, 2007

Biomega PUMA Boston Bike

Park this hybrid BMX/City bike collaboration from Biomega & PUMA anywhere from Kings Cross to Harlem and it'll stay there - it's unstealable.

Yes, we said unstealable. Secure this baby and the tube-lock, which is integrated in the frame, renders the bike useless if it's tampered with. You see without it, the bike loses its structural strength and integrity and can't be ridden away. Designed in collaboration with PUMA and taking cues from both BMX and Downhill bikes — tubing, DH Handlebar, small wheels and disc-brakes — the Biomega PUMA Boston is a mix of rugged form and practical function. The shape, treadless tyres and saddle make this bike most suited to city use and the folding feature, which reduces the bike to 50% of its original size, means it's a breeze fitting the bike into tight spaces like the train, the boot of a car or as a space-saver in your apartment. The PUMA is not your average folding bike either — it's made for the quick and dirty fold, so no need to go back to Uni to get that engineering degree to make sure you can operate it. Available through the website for USD$1158

Source: Kevin Barry

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