Sunday, September 30, 2007


Have you ever noticed how all those small cords supplied with your electronic equipment come in six-foot lengths (1.8m)? Probably six times what you actually need for connecting your laptop to your favorite device! And the result; a massive messy knotted tangle. Sometimes even damage.

Before and After

Cableyoyo is shown above with a camera docking station. The six-foot cord is entirely wrapped inside the Cableyoyo which is then attached to the DC adapter with the adhesive spindle provided.

Attached behind an iMac, the Cableyoyo below is taking up the slack in an iPod cord. When traveling, take the Cableyoyo with you and fit it into a thin pocket while leaving the spindle in place for your return.

Cableyoyo can be attached to the side of a computer, behind a monitor, onto your hard drive etc... Almost any flat surface in fact.

Source: Bluelounge

Golf Ball Bottle Stopper

Buy your guy this cool vintage golf ball bottle stopper. Each one is handmade using vintage golf balls and high quality cork. These unique stoppers fit wine or liquor bottles and look great in the rec room, bar or den, and will sure to be a hit with your guy and his buddies. They also make a unique best man or groomsman gift. Each is one of a kind and will vary. Ball numbers cannot be specified. Handmade in USA.

Source: Boys To Men Gifts

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

High Voltage Messenger Bag

High Voltage Messenger Bag is a high quality durable unisex canvas bag made to haul all of your gear at the same time it makes a great conversation starter. It features ultra durable canvas with a nylon interior.

High Voltage Messenger Bag features metal hooks for your cell phone, MP3 player or keys, 7 pockets and an adjustable strap, and measures 10" by 13".

Source: Bright and Bold

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stanley multi-functional pen

This pen does it all. It serves as a black ballpoint pen, a non-drying orange highlighter ballpoint, a 0.7 lead pencil, a stylus for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and a ruler with inches and centimeters. Uses standard refills.

What more could you want in a pen?

Source: Boys To Men Gifts

Forzieri Men's Rubber and Sterling Silver Strand Bracelet

A sleek addition to any modern man's wardrobe, this bracelet from Forzieri features sterling silver center plate and wires on a black rubber band. Gift box included. Made in Italy.

Source: Forzieri

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sleep Tracker

The Key to Waking Up Refreshed

Why is it so hard to wake up to a normal alarm clock? Because a normal alarm clock can't detect where you are in your sleep cycle — a continuous cycle from deep sleep, to brief almost-awake moments, and back to deep sleep again. Occasionally, your alarm may catch you at an optimal, almost-awake moment and you wake up feeling refreshed, but usually you grope for the snooze button waking up tired and groggy.

Wake at Your Perfect Time
SLEEPTRACKER® puts an end to that tired feeling. Once you set its alarm window, it monitors your body and continuously looks for your optimal waking times so it can wake you at just the right moment. Imagine not feeling tired in the morning and getting a few extra minutes out of your day.

Source: Sleeptracker

Friday, September 7, 2007


It's a hard case for your iPod Shuffle that incorporates a bottle opener and a hole to hang from your key chain. It appears you have to remove the iPod Shuffle to use the bottle opener.

The idea was born from mophie's vendor booth at MacWorld. The company asked its visitors to submit ideas for new products. One guy, Jared Fiovorich, a 17-year-old skateboarder from Santa Cruz, submitted the idea for Bevy, and the company decided to produce it.

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Source: Strange New Products