Monday, October 29, 2007

Light-up Ice cubes

You don't even have to freeze Light-up Ice Lite Cubes for them to work! Just push a button to start them up and then place 'em anywhere you want to brighten or romanticize the festivities - the punch bowl or the pool, the bathtub or in a cocktail at your New Year's Eve party. Reusable non-toxic glow gel in the "lighted ice cubes" holds light for up to 12 hours.

This new Lite Cube design no longer needs to be banged on the side to turn them on and off. Now you just have to push a button on the bottom of the cube; Push once and they blink, again and they blink faster, three times for a steady glow, and a fourth push turns them off. Set of 4 Light-up Ice Lite Cubes includes one each of red, orange, yellow, and blue.


Source: after 5 catalog

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