Monday, July 30, 2007

Futura Laptop

You know how it feels rather hot when you put your laptop on your lap. It could be that your battery has ran amok or you’ve laid your laptop on your lap for too long. It probably hurts too after a while. Sooooo, Futura Laptop stand from LapWorks is the answer for you. I haven’t seen much of these stands sold in the market but this stand seems to be pretty sturdy. I don’t know about comfort though because the laptop stand does not exactly conform to your lap so, while it may help take the weight of your laptop off your lap, it is also adding weight to your lap when you hook your laptop on it.

Anyway, it’s the heat that concerns us, no?

Price is very reasonable for the Futura Lap

Check it out at Gizmag.

Protector at only $30.

Source: gadgets.3yen.

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