Thursday, June 7, 2007

Solar Powered Tent Houses

Are you into camping in the wilderness? I love camping and being near to nature whenever I can but the weather has been quite unpredictable lately with showers of heavy rain. However, let’s talk about this solar powered tent house. Camping can be quite a dark experience because once the sun sets, you’ll have nothing to light you by but your campfire and tent light…but wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a tent that is solar powered and lights up by itself?

That’d be super cool I think.

The tent costs $230 and has an 8 hour battery power to it. That’s good enough to get you through the night chatting wiht your loved ones until the light goes out :) All you need to do is make sure your solar panels are set out during the day. However, if it’s rainy then …. you might want to bring a torchlight, just in case!

EurekaTent Product Page

Source: The Expedited Writer

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